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My Latin American and Caribbean Trip Flyer 2018.

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•The contest is only for Indian nationals residing in India.

•Participation in this contest is completely free and the participants can choose any theme focus; (landscapes, Monuments, People etc). The only requirements are that the photographs should be taken in Latin American & Caribbean countries.

•Each participant may submit up to 5 photos in digital format and the minimum file size for each photo entry is 2 MB.

•The photos should be sent by email to the account

•The email must indicate the full name of the person, age, sites where the photograph was taken (City and Country), contact information and a brief description of the photograph.

•Selfies or collages are not allowed.

•The photos will be accepted starting from 1st of June till 30th of October 2018.

•The evaluation of the photographs will be conducted by a committee comprising of officials from the Embassies of Latin American and Caribbean countries, travel journalists & travel agents who will select the finalists.

•Winners will be directly contacted through email in the last week of November.

•The winning photographs will be displayed in a gala exhibition in New Delhi where the photographers will be invited.


•The organizers will not cover any additional or personal costs. Once the photos are submitted the participant waives all property right and/or copyright. The organizers reserve the right to change the conditions and/or postpone or cancel the competition for reasons that will be notified to the participants. Participation implies acceptance without reservation of these conditions in full.

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