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Full agenda of meetings of Chancellor Nin Novoa, during the X Summit of the Pacific Alliance

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As part of their participation in the Meeting of Observers X Summit of the Pacific Alliance, Mr. Rodolfo Nin Novoa Chancellor met with the Minister of Foreign of Australia, Julie Bishop MP, who, as representatives of observer countries This mechanism, they exchanged their views on the evolution of the AP as well as on the bilateral relationship and identify opportunities for cooperation activities in the areas of agricultural production as a way to be more competitive in third markets. From a multilateral point of view, they evaluated different scenarios for the conclusion of the Doha Round.


Ministers also expressed their willingness to deepen its relationship to political, economic and scientific level - technology. In this regard, Minister Bishop expressed its willingness to receive a Uruguayan parliamentary delegation in their country. Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister said that in the recent past, Australia received thousands of Uruguayans, so he thanked. Minister Bishop said that the group of Uruguayan has clearly contributed to the development of their country.


To continue the recent contacts held in the city of Brussels, he met with Mr. Executive Director for the Americas of the European Union, Christian Leffler, who agreed on the convenience and opportunity to resume the Mercosur negotiations - European Union during the coming months.


Latin America and, in turn, he will - Following a meeting with Ambassador Mrs. Riva Ganguly Das, in which special emphasis was placed on the official visit to meet Chancellor Nin Novoa in October to attend the conclave was held India in preparation for the official visit of President Tabare Vazquez during 2016. In another order, the representative of India conveyed his country's interest in deepening the Fixed Preferences Agreement that binds to Mercosur as soon as possible.


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