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Frey Bentos

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Fray Bentos is the capital of the department of Río Negro. It shares a border with Argentina and is located just 300 km from Montevideo and Buenos Aires. Some historians consider that by locating here, the company Liebig initiated the Industrial Revolution in Río de la Plata.
The city has several attractions such as the riverfront promenade, the open-air theatre and its traditional Plaza Constitución (Constitution Square) with the Nuestra Señora del Pilar Church in the background. We will run through its main attractions below.

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The riverfront promenade
The riverfront promenade of the Río Uruguay, which runs from the northern edge of Roosevelt Park, following the river, until converging on the way to the Anglo neighbourhood, is certainly an unmissable attraction. It was completed in 1940 by architects Carlevaro and Avella Trías. In this area you can fish and enjoy water sports, while in the evenings it is a meeting point for local residents.

Miguel Young Theatre
 Located on 25 de Mayo and Zorrilla de San Martin, one block from Constitution Square, this theatre, which is over 100 years old and designed by the architect Antonio Llambias de Olivar draws the attention of visitors. It is a 400-seat theatre and it is possible to organize a guided tour.
The building was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2001 and is an eclectic gem. Its accoustics, boxes, foyer, stalls, dress circle, mezzanine and the gods receive groups from different branches of art throughout the year.

Constitution Square
Built in 1873, it is the geographical centre of the city. It houses one of the most important architectural gems, the kiosco or pérgola located in the centre of the square, a historic monument which was a gift from the company Lievig to the people of Fray Bentos. This unusual sculpture was built in England and brought to Uruguay on a sailing boat in 1901. The construction is a replica of a pergola that was used by Queen











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